A Whisper in the Wind was written in response to questions asked at the Polk County Information Center. Questions such as: Where was Jensen? Have you heard about Pineville? Why aren’t Joel and Patterson on the maps anymore? These questions aroused Muriel Pfeifer’s curiosity and she began to research for the answers. The more she researched, the more interesting the topic became. Over the years there were about 36 villages, “burgs” that were once thriving communities.  Today they have faded away, or have been reduced in size so that the post offices have been removed and many people have moved away. At least one was only a town on paper.

The people of Polk County were very generous with their time and memories and willingly shared both with Muriel. “I hope everyone will enjoy the stories gleaned from our neighbors,” Muriel said.

There has been a lot of research and time spent in finding out about these towns. Much information had already been published, in booklets, newspapers and books. Muriel tried to make a comprehensive collection of many of the old villages giving credit to those who have written about these villages.

Muriel is a retired teacher, living in Amery. She taught the last twenty years at Mahtomedi Middle School where she worked with the learning disabled. Her roots are not from this county, but she tries to enjoy to the fullest the history of the area wherever she has lived. She is also active in the Polk County Genealogy Group and the Polk County Historical Society, where she is a life member. Muriel is also a member of the Amery Historical Society, St. Croix Falls Historical Society and Delaware County, Ohio Historical Society as a life member.

The book A Whisper in the Wind will be available at the Polk County Museum, after her book signing. She will be donating a dozen copies to the museum for retail sales and also one to each library in the county. The retail cost will be $12.50 (tax included).

Muriel will hold a book signing at the Polk County Museum in Balsam Lake on Friday, June 18, from noon to 4 p.m.